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Google gadget in title

Google News Google Gadget This Google gadget displays the top Google News headlines sorted by category
Size: 19 KB
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feed RSS Google Google Contacts2Outlook news news feed  
Google Logo Gadget Never miss Google Holiday logos
Size: 32 KB
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viewer logo Google logo viewer Google gadget Google Logo  
Speech Google Gadget This Google Gadget will let you hear the text you write in the gadget's textfield
Size: 82 KB
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speech speak text Gadget Creator Gadget video gadget  
Sidebar Gadget for google com Sidebar-Gadget for 1.0 Vista Gadget that will allow you to easily perform searches from your desktop or sidebar...
Size: 11 KB
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sidebar Vista Sidebar Gadget Gadget Creator Gadget  
Google Search Gadget This Vista Gadget will let you perform searches on Google in more than 100 languages from your desktop
Size: 70k
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search searcher Google vista gadget google search  
DealRocker's Google Gadget Get deals/coupons for electronic gadgets and home decor from Google on your desktop.
Size: 39.8K
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home decor ideas Google Module Personalized Home decor  

Google gadget in tags

EasyCalc A Java scientific calculator
Size: 23.3 KB
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calculator calculate calculation desktop calculator  
Word Of The Day A cool, good looking gadget helps you to learn a new word daily
Size: 52 KB
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speech vocabulary learner learn word definition  
Voodoo Doll Put pins on your own virtual voodoo doll and choose from various levels of pain
Size: 135 KB
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truetype font TTF character accurate font font truetype TTF  
Greetings It greets you when you log on
Size: 216 KB
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change Changer Greeting Message greeting date Google gadget  
Battery Check A little tool that polls the battery status every minute and pops up a message that Windows should
Size: 31 KB
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MIDI recorder level check charge monitor battery monitor  
WINDOWS SHUTDOWN TIMER Make your computer SHUTDOWN, LOGOFF, RESTART, LOCK, SLEEP at the specified time.
Size: 190 KB
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Shutdown Logoff Shutdowner computer logoff Google gadget  

Google gadget in description

Google The Google sidebar gadget will allow you to directly search from your desktop at via your webbrowser or alternatively display the search results directly in the gadget in a flyout overlay.
Size: 629 KB
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Google Search String sidebar google search Gadget  
Advanced Google Flyout Search Advanced Google Flyout Search is a gadget that will allow you to perform searches, using Google, from your desktop Customize this Google search gadget with your own or one of the 27 pre-configured bac...
Size: 152 KB
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search searcher find vista gadget google search search box  
Juke Box Google Gadget Juke Box Google Gadget is a gadget that will help you manage all your media files ( songs, movies, videos ) stored in your computer. Also this gadget is already equipped with online Movies, TV and Rad...
Size: 42 KB
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play player media player media Google gadget Juke Box  
Google Australia The Google Australia Vista Sidebar Gadget provides a full Google search engine using the Google Australia domain. This gadget looks best at 80% opacity.
Size: 2 KB
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search Google google search google search engine Gadget  
The Calendar The Calendar was designed to be a Vista Sidebar gadget that will display the first six upcoming Google Calendar events, along with their start and end dates and times, displaying the latter whenever t...
Size: 30 KB
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calendar vista gadget sidebar Google Calendar Gadget  
Google Calendar Vista Gadget Google Calendar Vista Gadget is a gadget that will show on your desktop or Vista Sidebar the Google calendar. Due to this gadget, you will no longer need to open the browser whenever you want to check...
Size: 10 KB
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calendar Google vista gadget date Google Calendar